Reverse Therapy

Bodymind healing and awareness

About John Eaton

Hi I’m John Eaton and I am the Founder of Reverse Therapy.

Reverse Therapy is a Bodymind healing process that reverses symptoms by investigating what Bodymind is trying to ’say’ through the symptoms and then encouraging the client to act on what Bodymind wants them to do in situations in which it turns up the volume on the symptoms (or, if symptoms are the same most days, what Bodymind wants people to do to change their daily routine).

We have had most success treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.E. and Fibromyalgia syndrome. But we can also apply Reverse Therapy to Anxiety, Pain disorders of certain kinds, Gut disorders and Auto-immune disease.

Before discovering Reverse Therapy I was a psychotherapist for 16 years although I am not one now (Reverse therapy is not a psychotherapy and, in my opinion, it is far simpler and more effective than traditional therapy)

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