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Are M.E and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the same thing?

One of the things we have to get used to in Reverse Therapy is the weird arguments people come up with for why M.E. is incurable.

The argument goes like this: M.E. and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are not the same thing. M.E. is said to be an incurable genetic, or neurological, or viral, disease (take your pick according to which ‘scientific’ article you just read) while CFS is just a fatigue problem which comes and goes.

So – if you had M.E. and don’t have it now then you never had it in the first place. The gob-smacking cheek of this circular argument is an insult to all those brave people who managed to find the way back to health. I’ve lost count of the clients we have seen who have gone back to their ME Maintenance Groups to announce the good news about their recovery and have met with blank hostility and the repetition of circular arguments.

The reason this argument keeps going the rounds has little to do with ‘science’. No piece of scientific research carried out in 40 years has ever identified a single virus or brain fault that could cause M.E. The recent flavour-of-the-month idea that M.E. is genetic rests on a misunderstanding. It is not genes that have been identified as the problem – it is gene behavior. And gene behavior (or expression) changes in almost any illness. The one we know most about – cancer – shows that gene expression changes in a way that produces cancerous cells. That doesn’t mean that genes cause cancer. The causes of cancer are multiform – and overwhelming life changes and emotional challenges are one of the most important.

The reason arguments like these are popular is due to the toxic link between medical orthodoxy and the mistaken Headmind ideas that some people with M.E. carry around with them. The core mistake is that if M.E. can be cured it must be all in the mind.

But M.E. is not all in the mind. The symptoms are atrociously real. And, yet, at the same time, M.E. can be cured by addressing the emotional challenges that triggered the organism to overwork the immune system, the nervous system and the endocrine system – as well as changing gene behavior.

No one, for example, says that Migraines, or Stomach ulcers, or High Blood Pressure are all in the mind. Yet all of these conditions are curable by paying attention to the situations that trigger symptomatic behavior. Why should M.E. be any different?


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What they don’t teach you at Medical School

We most of us have had experience of consulting a medical doctor about an ailment and within a few moments a prescription has been written and we are out of the door.

Some of my medical friends will forgive me when I say that, much of the time, medical doctors might just as well be positioned behind the counter at Boots the Chemist. That would save us making two visits instead of one.

At medical school they teach you anatomy and physiology, a little bit of surgery, how cells work, how the embryo forms, pathology and drug action, and about infections and the immune system.

That is to say, they teach you how the body functions and what happens when people get ill. But they don’t teach you why people get ill. And one important reason people get ill is that they are undergoing major life challenges.

The list of conditions which have been shown by research to coincide with upsetting life events (sometimes called ‘stress’) is surprisingly long. It includes cancer, stomach ulcers, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, neuritis, shingles, appendicitis, asthma, raised blood pressure, colitis and angina.

A medical practitioner will typically ask how what symptoms you have, how long you’ve had them, where the pain is and arrange for tests. The answers to these moves will indicate what is going on before the prescription pad comes out. But if you believe (as we do in Reverse Therapy) that symptoms are used partly by Bodymind to signal that closer attention needs to be paid to emotional needs then more useful questions would be:

‘What’s been going on at work/home/in your family?’

‘Is there anything upsetting you?’

‘How have you been coping with that?’

‘What do you do when you have some time to yourself?’

Of course there are many enlightened medical doctors who do ask these questions – it’s just that they won’t have been taught them at medical school.

Opening up an investigation into illness along these lines takes you away away from drug prescriptions and towards a cure based on addressing the reasons symptoms were triggered in the first place. And restoring emotional balance will be a far more effective way to restore health in the long run.

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10 things to stop doing if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1. Stop looking for ‘cures’. The more you look for cures which fail the more focused you will be on your illness. The solution for Chronic Fatigue syndrome is right here on the Reverse Therapy website and it contains all the information you will ever need on how to be well.

2. Stop pacing. There is no evidence that pacing works. The reason it seems to work is because people are changing activities, not reducing them. Bodymind likes change so it turns down the symptoms when more variety is introduced. That’s especially true if what you were doing before was a chore.

3. Stop talking about symptoms. The more you talk about the symptoms the more trapped you will get in the illness loop. Bodymind wants you to talk about getting well, not staying ill!

4. Stop using M.E. Chat Forums and M.E. Support Groups. All you will ever meet are other people who are focused on illness. What’s more, some users are so trapped in suffering that they create negative energy which gets passed on to you. If you have made friends in a forum or a group then meet them elsewhere.

5. Stop withdrawing from people close to you. Your Body doesn’t create symptoms because it wants you to give up your life. It uses them to signal that its time to create a better way of life. And that includes spending more time with your friends and those you love.

6. Stop listening to medical doctors. With some exceptions (such as the wonderful medics we have on the Reverse Therapy team!) most medical doctors do not understand M.E. Either they don’t believe it exists or – if they do treat it as a real illness – they don’t know what to do about it. Either way you will just get frustrated.

7. Stop thinking ‘I will never get well’ and, instead, focus on what you need to do to in order to become just that. If you don’t know what to do then try doing anything that raises endorphins if you notice symptoms on the increase.

8. Stop waiting for the symptoms to go. Many of our clients have fallen into the trap of thinking ‘once these horrible symptoms go I can get my life back’. In fact the reverse is true: once you go back to an emotionally rewarding life, Bodymind can switch off the symptoms.

9. Stop living in the past, dwelling on all the times you have been miserable, ill and depressed. Instead, learn to live in the moment, being directed by what your personal Bodymind wants you to do right now.

10. Stop worrying about the future. The future is simply something people imagine. You can learn to imagine a future in which you are healthy and living the life you want. But better still, you can be guided by your symptoms and start creating your future in this very moment.

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