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Health is what you don’t notice

Health, like happiness, is something you only notice when you haven’t got it.

This points to something important. It tells us that when we are healthy (or happy) we are absorbed in other things. When I look back at all the best times in my life (writing novels and poems in my twenties, falling in love with my wife, getting started as a therapist, founding Reverse Therapy) they all coincided with opportunities for exercising my passion. This meant, in turn, that I had no time for worry; that I was absorbed in self-actualizing what potential I had.

The route meaning of the word ‘health’ is the same (in Anglo-Saxon) as the word ‘whole’. So the healthy person is a whole person – someone who is making the most of all their talents, their emotions and their desires. Our capacity for love, our work and our emotional truth come together. And when that happens Bodymind sees to it that the organism is kept in a vital state, ready for more fulfilment.

So often Headmind tries to put a clamper on this – saying that we can’t do this and we have to do that, or we don’t deserve to be who we really want to be. If we give those thoughts any air-time at all we will quickly be on the road to illness.


March 8, 2007 - Posted by | Health, Reverse Therapy, Wellbeing

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