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5 worst Xmas mistakes to avoid

According to a survey carried out last week 2.3 million people in London expect to get stressed at Xmas. That’s about a third of the population there.

Before you read the next bit it’s important to get clear about what ‘stress’ actually is. It’s not pressure coming from out there (as when some people say they have ‘a stressful job’) and neither is it an illness (as when your friends say they are ‘really stressed’). Stress is an experience. It is what goes on with your Body when you go beyond your limitations. Your Body will typically create uncomfortable feelings, headaches, muscular tension, nausea, skin problems and other symptoms – simply because your Body is on red alert and is using symptoms to let you know you are vulnerable. Viewed the Reverse Therapy way, Stress is what you get when you stop listening to what your emotions are telling you and you get over-involved with other peoples’ priorities.

The first worst mistake you can make about Xmas is to do it in the first place. The best Christmas day I ever enjoyed (and my family too) was spent on the ski slopes in Bulgaria. If you are obliged to spend Xmas as usual then do something different while it is going on. This year my wife and I are doing a hotel away-break on Boxing Day….

The second mistake is save up all your grudges for unloading once you reach that critical point when the kids are on at you, your partner has fallen asleep and your elderly relatives whinge on about missing EastEnders (this would be around 4pm by my calculations). If you have to hold grudges then make sure they are sorted before the day itself.

The third mistake is expect it all to be fun. In fact Xmas is hard work for most people. The less you expect, the more welcome those Winter Wonderland moments will be.

The fourth mistake is trying too hard to please others. You won’t succeed – so make sure you take plenty of time out for you.

The fifth mistake is the saddest. Many people are alone at Xmas and that is one reason why depression statistics soar at the end of December. If you are forced to spend the holiday on your own then consider doing some charity work. Most charities are crying out for volunteers and you will have the satisfaction of making other peoples’ lives a little bit better while the rest of the world is at each other’s throats.

Whatever you decide to do – I wish all my readers a Christmas filled with divine peace.


December 23, 2006 - Posted by | Reverse Therapy, Stress

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