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How to get M.E.

Yesterday I went to talk to the Sixth Form at a private school in Newbury. Three of the girls there had recovered from M.E. with Reverse Therapy and – given the high prevalence of the illness in this age group, the Head of the Sixth form wanted me to speak to the girls about how not to get M.E.

Over a hundred students turned up! I went light on the neurology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (was sure they didn’t want another biology lesson) and concentrated instead on the triggers for the illness and what they could do about handling them.

The pressures on people in the 14-21 age group are enormous and it is no surprise that young people have one of the highest prevalence rates. They are negotiating puberty, changes in relationships at home, adjustment to adulthood, increased responsibilities and the constant, unremitting pressure of GCSEs, A levels, College, University and Careers. It’s no wonder so many struggle.

Being slightly flippant, I explained how to get M.E.:

* Work beyond your limits
* Give up seeing your friends
* Ignore the early warning signs – background fatigue, headaches etc
* Bottle up your emotions
* Never say ‘No’ to anyone
* Give up doing things that raise your endorphin levels
* Tell yourself constantly that you’re a failure if you don’t get A* in every exam

They seemed to find that more amusing than the description of the cure!


November 28, 2006 - Posted by | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Reverse Therapy

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